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At Sierra Space, we are building a technology and business platform in space to benefit life on Earth. Through Sierra Space Ventures we invest in entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups that are developing the solutions and technologies of tomorrow.

About Ventures

Improving Life On Earth

The work being done at Sierra Space is hard, but it is meaningful and will benefit humankind for decades and centuries to come. We will enable the next breakthroughs in human health, computing systems, telecommunications, clean energy, and open up space to millions as a new destination to explore, discover, and learn.

Sierra Space Ventures seeks the greatest innovations and ideas that can help us realize the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

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In-space Manufacturing

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Hospitality & Entertainment

How we Work

Accelerate your growth

Working with Sierra Space Ventures gives you access to the vast expertise of our leadership team plus the network of our investor partners to help you realize your concept and accelerate growth.

Mission Focused

We are courageous pioneers, innovators and doers who are committed to building the platform that will power the space economy.

Worldwide Reach

Relationships with NASA, ESA and other space agencies across the world, as well as extensive professional international network across our organization, Sierra Space Ventures portfolio companies will have a worldwide reach.

Build Systems

We have built space systems, subsystems, and components to customers worldwide while engaging in more than 500 space missions, including to Mars. Sierra Space is leveraging this experience to build the systems that will give humanity a platform in space to improve life on earth.

Implement Innovation

Our innovations in spaceplanes, commercial space stations, cutting edge rocket propulsion, environmental control systems, advanced solar power generation, and other enabling space technologies will each disrupt the status quo, but combined our innovations will enable the acceleration of humanity’s advancement in space. Through Sierra Space Ventures, we can offer prospective innovators access to our space transportation and destination infrastructure to launch their own research in LEO. 

Ventures Team

Ventures Team

Matthew Mejía

Chief Strategy & Development Officer

Matthew leads the company’s growth strategy including mergers and acquisitions activities, portfolio alignment, commercial partnerships, strategic planning, and the enterprise-level business development strategy. In addition, Matthew leads the company’s public policy, regulatory and government affairs activities. In this role, he guides the company’s interactions with the executive branch, Congress, and state and local officials.

Tim Keating

Tim Keating

Chief Strategy Officer & SVP of Global Government Operations

Tim leads the strategic growth of the company as we fully integrate critical business functions and global government operations for long-term success in the Orbital Age™. Keating was previously the longtime head of government relations at Boeing, spending more than 14 years with the company.

Kelly Garehime

Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Kelly Garehime is Sierra Space’s Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Ethics Officer, and Corporate Secretary, heading all of the company’s global legal affairs. Kelly’s focus at Sierra Space, in addition to leading the company’s in-house legal team, is on providing Board and Executive level counseling related to commercial space and government and commercial contracting with a focus on strategy, intellectual property, corporate governance, contract, supply chain, litigation, ethics, global trade and security matters.

Maxie McFarland

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Development

Maxie is Senior Vice President of Enterprise Development for Sierra Space, having joined the company from its inception as a standalone entity in 2021. Prior to joining the company Maxie has held a series of advancing executive-level corporate development roles. He led multiple mergers and acquisitions (negotiation, due diligence, integration), joint ventures and capital raises, as well as aiding the development of business strategy.

Brian Heckler

Brian Heckler

Senior Director, Corporate Development

Brian is a Senior Director of enterprise-level business development strategy for Sierra Space. A seasoned professional with extensive corporate development and M&A, corporate finance, strategy and investment analysis experience, Brian has been involved in the Sierra Space business since 2015. Prior to joining the company he spent nine years at a boutique investment bank, focused on the TMT sectors. 

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Empowering space technologies for more than 30 years

Sierra Space has built more than 4,000 space systems, subsystems, and components to customers worldwide while engaging in more than 500 space missions, including to Mars. This proud legacy of industry excellence will empower space technology’s next great leap.